Apex Innovation Workshop 

Start your Pretotyping journey with a two-hour taster workshop.

Our Apex Innovation workshop offers a solid introduction to Pretotyping methods, tools and tactics. Designed for leaders, decision makers and innovators, this workshop will give you a clear understanding of how Pretotyping can add value to your ideation and product development processes.

We will demonstrate, with practical examples, how Pretotyping helps innovators identify the high-value products and services that are worth pursuing. We’ll also show you how Pretotyping can reduce risk and improve your return on innovation investment. You’ll come away from this workshop with a sound understanding of how Pretotyping could work for your own business.


Two-hour presentation, followed by group discussion.


Decision makers, leaders and innovators.

Recommended workshop size

Up to 20 people.


What you’ll learn

Through this presentation-style workshop, you’ll learn how Pretotyping tools, techniques and tactics can improve your ability to discover disruptive products or services. You’ll also learn how Pretotyping can help you identify bad ideas and products early – saving your company time, money and potential future heartache.

We’ll demonstrate, with practical, real-world examples, how apex innovators drive rapid experimentation and how Pretotyping can help you test more ideas – up to ten times more ideas than can be tested via the traditional routes of prototyping and market research.

This workshop includes time for discussion and questions so if you have specific queries, you’ll get the answers you need on the day.

Good to know

This workshop offers a solid introduction to the concepts behind and the potential benefits of putting Pretotyping methods to work in your business. You shouldn’t expect to come out of this workshop an expert in Pretotyping. Instead, you should expect to get a good understanding of how Pretotyping works and how you could apply Pretotyping methods in your own work.

What we can offer that no one else can

We know how this stuff works in real life – we’re experienced in driving early-stage innovation, and we’ve mentored scale-up companies through various accelerator programs, and we have hands-on innovation leadership experience through working with Australian corporates.

So we’ll add value via local and relevant case studies, and via anecdotes and insights from our own real-world Pretotyping experience.