Solving the work-home file sync nightmare.

Synchronizing my life has just become easier. No more USB sticks, emailing files and notes and web clips to myself anymore. I use Evernote + Dropbox to sync my iPhone + Home Windows 7 PC + Work Windows 7 PC + Home Apple Macbook for note and file synchronization.

I don’t often sign up for the Freemium (Trial converted to paid for version) stuff, but I’m a proud paying Evernote user for web clips, screenshot captures, scanned docs, thoughts and notes.

Evernote converts images to text so is searchable, and after all, that’s what I need — not indexing, or knowledge management or a structured system, just the ability to search ANYTHING ANYTIME in CONTEXT (ask Google). One downside is it’s not good with files (docs, spreadsheets, etc), so I’m using DropBox for that.

DropBox is excellent! It’s simple, quick and syncs my Macbook, Windows 7 PC and iPhone seamlessly. Just get it.

Finally the sync quest is over!

So Far…