How to stay across the latest tech and internet trends. VC’s worth following

I’ve been tracking these guys’ views over the last few years now, and I find them a great barometer of what’s current or going to be hot soon as they have loads of experience as serial entrepreneurs themselves and now as VC’s of some significance.

I find Brad Feld’s

views insightful as he is fully engaged with the entrepreneurial community and the companies he’s involved in, and is not a ‘walking ego’. I experience him as straightforward, direct, no bullshit and really walking the talk. You can follow him on Twitter at @bfeld or track his blog at

John Battelle

is an editor, author and speaker, but more importantly a great thinker. Read ‘The Search’, his book on how Google and it’s rivals have impacted culture and how we interact with the world, and why it matters. Follow him at @johnbattelle or

Fred Wilson

from Union Square ventures also has strong views and opinions, and is not afraid to share them honestly. Why does he matter — he invested in Twitter early on amongst some other small successes ;-) Follow him @fredwilson or

Jason Calacanis

I drag myself through his 2 hour long weekly podcasts ( and fluctuate between being entertained, marvelling at his huge ego, being irritated by a bit of waffling, but mostly, loving every second as he has great guests, the show is a bit rough around the edges and completely spontaneous, and unlike most, he says what he thinks, which is a trait I respect. Keep it up, Jason.

That’s it. Follow these 4 and your finger will always be on the pulse.

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