Being Brave

It’s been quite a week!

I resigned from my National Professional Services General Management role for a large System Integrator and left last Wednesday (30 June 2010) and woke up the next morning voluntarily unemployed, or alternately, excited, stimulated and ready for new possibilities! The primary reason for this was to firmly shut one door behind me so that I could create the space and time to tune in to opportunities and possibilities around me.
I’m entrepreneurial at heart, a bit techy, love the possibilities that technology and the internet / social media present and how these apply to real-world problems (and therefore, clever solutions) and am immersing myself in this at the moment. That, combined with solid experience running large, complex software & application management Professional Services businesses may have the opportunity to converge into something interesting.

I don’t know what the future holds at this stage, but it’s good fun finding out and exploring with inquisitiveness and enthusiasm.

Making time to

  • meet loads of people — #tiecrowd #nscm, #tweestie, #socialmelb, PitchClub, Anthill & LinkedIn have been very connecting so far,
  • LISTEN to what problems clever people are solving,
  • sort through the noise — and there’s load of noise -
  • and see what nuggets are waiting to be unearthed…

Who knows what the future holds? Not me, but I know one thing — being brave and leaping in / off with 100% commitment is invigorating! At the moment I choose stimulation over ‘security’ and fear of change!

If you’re doing something interesting that I could apply my skills to and are looking for someone to chat to / bounce ideas off / whatever, contact me and let’s create something!

For some insight into why I’m doing what I’m doing, see this TED talk

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off


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