Clever way to share ‘in the moment’ travelling. FourSquare to capture, CheckoutCheckins to Visualise

FourSquare seems to be part of my daily routine now.
It’s not the ‘Mayor’ thing, it’s just fun to track nice / not-so-nice places I’ve been to. It’s great to voice an opinion regardless of the disengaged waiter busy running his boss’s business into the ground. It’s also interesting to see how much the ‘word of mouth’ thing actually impacts my daily choices — even if that particular referral is from a complete stranger.

While on my recent New Zealand trip, I was furiously checking in, creating places and commenting on my ‘ in the moment’ experiences and it occurred to me that this would be a great way to share the trip and remember those small moments that matterred and impacted me over the years to come.

So tonight I found the next piece of the puzzle — CheckoutCheckins. What this does is overlay my checkins and comments on a map. Simple and very effective.

Check it out (pun intended)

NZ Trip on FourSquare