Agile 2011 Sprint 6: Agile IS mainstream. Telstra has adopted it!

Telstra driving Agile adoption
Although not a popular session for some, the mere fact that a huge market influencer like Telstra is embracing Agile, was enough to keep my attention when Patrick Eltridge, the Telstra CIO presented his views on Agile at scale. Patrick discussed:

  • Investing in partners
  • Building Agile into relationships
  • Surface and remove blockers
  • Building capability led organisation.
  • Self organising teams
  • Culture change program on the go
  • CEO leading by example
  • This is why I joined
  • Training etc
  • Scale is an issue
  • Hiring (Agile Coaches sample)
  • Process is in the DNA . But is becoming a blocker, so hard to drive Agile. 25 Agile projects currently running.
  • The Controlling manager style is a blocker.
  • How is Telstra integrating Agile into vendors
  • Telstra is serious about agile
  • How will customer see results?
  • Building CX centers
  • Which governance metrics do Snr execs care about re agile
  • Revenue
  • Time to market
  • Removing 40% cost from TTM
  • How to change middle management adversarial behavior?