Fitbit is the same as a gym membership

No more Fitbit for me.


I’ve been going to gym regularly and love the idea of wearables and tracking progress as a motivator, so gave the Fitbit Flex a go for a month.

Not impressed. It’s basically a pedometer on your wrist that counts steps and some movement. It works well enough and has a pretty app, but adds zero value to my need as a user which is to incentivise or motivate me to exercise more regularly and measure all my exercise.

There is not enough value to me to warrant wearing this device on my wrist 24 x 7.

The Atlas workout tracker recently launched at TechCrunch seems to be closer to what I need. Logging of workouts and exercises beyond walking.

So thanks, but no thanks Fitbit. The only value I see with the Flex is to make the fledgling wearables market mainstream and people buying them to appease themselves that they are exercising. Buying a gym membership is not the same as actually working out regularly.

$100 experiment completed.

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