7 Innovation Podcasts to stay ahead.

My favourite innovation podcasts from Benedict Evans, A16z, Tim Ferris, Jason Calacanis, This week in Startups, Stanford Speaker’s Corner and Peter Diamandis.

Tip: Best listened to at 2x speed for twice the goodness.

Expert insights into VR, AI, and the global expert on mobile trends, Benedict Evans.


Stanford University speaker series.


jason has some great guests. Use the 30 sec skip button a few times for the first 2 minutes of ads.


Tim Ferriss has surprisingly good interviews with leaders focused on their habits and life practices. Skip the first 4 minutes of ads. Also get his book, Tools of Titans


Peter Diamandis, The founder of the XPrize that started the private space race, Singularity and Space Universities and author of Bold and Abundance. Huge thinking.

Steve Glaveski ‘s podcast, Future Squared has excellent insights into corporate innovation and disruptive innovators.


Eric Zimmer’s The One You Feed keeps me balanced and open minded. Superb guests.


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