Pretotyping, CES 2019 and an AI Mouse for your Cat

Pretotyping Global Summit 2019

LG Rollable TV CES 2019

In October 2018 we Pretotyped the concept of a 'Pretotyping Global Summit 2019'.

The Skin In The Game was to get 5 clients and partners to cover their costs to join me and a few days later it was on.

We went to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to get a view on emerging tech, followed by time in San Francisco to understand how companies are experimenting at scale. Here we spent time with Facebook, Slack, High Fidelity, Evernote, Google, Barry O'Reilly - author of Unlearn and, of course a morning with Alberto Savoia who co-created Pretotyping.

Lots of lessons and insights to share in the next update, but the AI hype is getting over the top. Here's an example of 'AI' - for the cat that has everything. The AI (?) mouse.

AI Mouse?

AI Mouse?

Below is the best summary I found on this years CES, focusing on the overall trends and direction of this year's innovations.


AFR Pretotyping Exponentially

Pretotyping in AFR BOSS Magazine.

Includes RACQ CIO customer story

Coming Up

The wait is almost over ...

I am thrilled to announce that Alberto's new book, The Right It—Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed, will be released in two weeks.

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