Alongside our workshop program, we offer tailored consulting services, designed to optimise your innovation processes and drive stronger results for your business.

If you want your innovation practices to deliver better value for your customers and business, we have the skills and experience to help you get there. By focusing our efforts on early-stage idea validation, we reduce the downstream impact on time, people and money wasted by not investing in products or services customers simply do not want.

To date we have collaborated and consulted with innovation and product leaders to design and deliver an effective approach to enterprise innovation that:

  • Delivers true ROII (Return On Innovation Investment)

  • De-risks the innovation and product portfolio

  • Increases experiment velocity

  • Streamlines the idea pipeline

We do this by using the least amount of process and frameworks to reduce internal friction and increase rapid adoption across the business.

We also work with funded scale-ups to validate and invalidate ideas earlier, helping deliver ROI faster while also reducing potential investor risk.