Start your Pretotyping journey here

Discover the power of Pretotyping with an innovation industry expert. Exponentially helps Australian and international innovators build Pretotyping skills through practical, hands-on workshops. Test your own ideas in real time and learn how to make data work harder and smarter for you.


1/ Apex Innovation

Dive into Pretotyping with a two-hour taster workshop. The Apex Innovation workshop gives you a solid introduction to Pretotyping tools, techniques and tactics. This taster workshop will help improve your ability to identify the high-value products and services that are worth pursuing further.


2/ Pretotyping

Go deeper with a practical workshop. During this two-day, hands-on training, you’ll gain a good understanding of Pretotype techniques in real time. Learn how to create a tailored Pretotype plan – and then put pretotype testing to work on collecting data from real-life customers.


3/ Rapid Experimentation Sprint

Fully immerse yourself in Pretotyping at this two-week intensive, designed for those who want to take the Pretotyping ball – and run with it. Learn how to maximise your return on innovation investment across different project types, sizes and stages and test ideas using low-cost, high-speed customer data.