Alberto Savoia

Google's Innovation Agitator Emeritus

An Exponentially partner, Alberto Savoia, is the mind behind the Pretotyping method.

Today, Alberto describes himself as an ‘Apex Innovator at Large’ – he now travels the world, teaching corporates, start-ups and innovators the Pretotyping methods he pioneered at Google.

At Google, Alberto led the innovation team that created the hugely successful and influential Google AdWords product. As Google’s Innovation Agitator, Alberto was tasked with teaching the search engine giant’s innovators how to fail more successfully – before any damage could be done. Through this process, he developed the Pretotyping techniques he now teaches to innovators worldwide.

Albertos innovation work has been recognised with internationally recognised industry awards, including:

  • The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award

  • Always On Top Innovator Award

  • Infoworld's Technology of the Year Award

“Today, innovation is more critical than ever for a company's success and survival. In fact, being innovative is no longer enough. To stay on top, companies must become apex innovators. And to do that they need to experiment with and test a lot of innovative ideas in order to find ‘The Right It’ – innovative ideas that, if competently executed, will succeed in the market.”

Alberto Savoia, Pretotyping Creator and Exponential Innovation Partner


Dylan Jones

Pretotyper and Rapid Experimenter

Dylan Jones is an innovation expert who has worked with some of Australia’s leading companies. His extensive experience in innovation and digital development means Dylan can step into any environment and quickly understand what a team needs to improve their innovation processes. Dylan has been using and teaching Pretotyping methods for years, and has the skills and know-how to bring your team up to speed.

“When you can Pretotype, failure is no longer something you fear. Every idea that fails is a win for your business, saving you time, money and energy. And your good ideas can become even better because they’re informed by real data.”

Dylan Jones, Pretotyper and Rapid Experimenter, Exponential Innovation

Slingshot Corporate Accelerator

Slingshot is an accelerator agency that brings world-class disruptive start-ups and entrepreuners together with like-minded corporates. Slingshot helps connect start-ups building innovative, market-changing technology and products with leading corporates, and helps build successful and profitable partnerships.

Exponential Innovation collaborates with Slingshot and its corporate partners, delivering Pretotyping workshops that help accelerate the growth and value of these emerging and innovative businesses.

Fresh Ventures Advisory

Fresh Ventures is an advisory firm focused on helping companies build innovation systems that lead to growth. The founder, John Chambers, led products and innovation at Telstra for many years and speaks the language of boards and executives, and helps to de-risk the process of finding new growth.