When ideas are everything

After years working in the innovation space, including at major corporates, successful start-ups and leading accelerator programs, we know that finding great ideas can be a time-consuming, expensive and sometimes heart-breaking (or even business-busting) enterprise.

Our business is all about finding great ideas fast – and throwing the bad ideas out even faster.

Make better decisions sooner

We’ve encountered all kinds of idea-development processes. Doing what the boss wants because he or she is the boss is one. Talking louder than everyone else until your idea wins is another.

Going with your gut feeling is frequently in the mix, as are words such as ‘instinct’ and ‘experience’. Investing thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands) on paying customers to talk about your products is another option.

A data-driven approach to ideation

From our point of view, sure, some of these approaches might get lucky, sometimes – but none of them are informed by real-life data: data collected from real customers interacting with your products on their own time. So they always come with a considerable amount of risk.

Given that 80 per cent of new products fail, the extra protection of decision-making informed by data just makes more sense.

We’re all about excellence in innovation

That’s what we’re about: helping innovators Pretotype using data-driven decision-making tools. And we’re about empowering teams to find the best ideas – without wasting time on the bad ones.