Our Pretotyping Workshop will give you hands-on, real-time experience in a variety of Pretotyping techniques. You’ll learn how to create a tailored Pretotype plan – and then put Pretotype testing to work on collecting data from real-life customers.

This workshop is designed to give teams solid and highly practical exposure to Pretotyping methods. Day One focuses on developing Pretotyping strategies for testing ideas, and Day Two is about collecting and interpreting Pretotyping data collected in real time from real-world customers.

Workshop participants will be encouraged to test live project ideas – with the goal of gaining relevant hands-on experience and meaningful, data-based insights into the products they are developing.


Two-day hands-on workshop.


Innovation teams and scale-ups.

Recommended workshop size

Up to 20 people.

What you’ll learn


Our Pretotyping Workshop will teach you Pretotyping techniques you can use to run hundreds of experiments. Using licensed material developed at Google and Stanford University, you’ll learn how to test ideas and products at low cost – and how to get results in days. We’ll show you how to get what we call ‘skin in the game’ – real data from actual customers – and teach you how to use this data for maximum benefit.

Through this workshop, innovation teams will learn how to focus their attention on ideas that actually work, not the ideas that sound great on paper but don’t work in real life. The insights Pretotyping can deliver through testing real ideas on real customers will also help refine innovation teams’ thinking about customer behaviour – leading to stronger initial idea development.

Good to know

One of the most important lessons in innovation is learning to ask the right questions. Today, you’re probably asking ‘Can we build this?’. Pretotyping will teach you to shift your focus to a better and more valuable question: Not ‘Can we build this?’; but ‘Should we build this?’.

Asking this question early, and knowing how to answer it quickly (and cheaply) will save you time and money, and help you direct your resources into your best ideas – those validated by data.

Our Pretotyping Workshop will show you how to ask this right question for maximum benefit.

Adding value to your business, one test at a time

An innovation team with Pretotyping in its toolkit is a powerful force for good. Innovators who know how to kick out the bad ideas before they can do any damage are a real asset – they save companies time, money and energy. Innovators with Pretotyping skills can also accelerate innovation and build momentum, moving on to better ideas sooner and keeping product pipelines moving in the right directions.