RACV Case Study

Workshops delivered

  • Pretotyping (two-day intensive workshop)

  • Rapid Experimentation Sprint (three-week immersive workshop)

"Customers don’t do what they say. Facts don’t care about your opinion. And it is possible to get customer data in 24 hours for very little cost."

– Richard Guy, RACV Innovation Manager



Pretotyping was an eye-opener for this member-based automotive organisation that offers a diverse range of automotive, financial and lifestyle products. During two workshops, including a three-week Rapid Experimentation Sprint, we tested close to 40 ideas using a range of Pretotyping techniques.


The RACV’s Innovation team wanted to improve its idea and product development experimentation techniques. Following a two-day, cross-functional Pretotyping workshop, the team was looking to expand and refine its Pretotyping skills through extended hands-on testing experience. So the team also commissioned us to run a series of immersive Rapid Experimentation Sprints.




Workshop participants were invited to test the one thing that, if it failed, they would stop tomorrow. Each experiment was given a $100 budget and a 24–hour deadline. We worked with participants to design appropriate tests using Pretotyping techniques – tests designed to collect data from real RACV customers.


The RACV says it credits Pretotyping with “massively de-risking its product management and its development processes. The RACV’s Innovation team is now well equipped to work on refining the organisation’s innovation priorities and its product-development pipeline.

“Pretotyping validates concepts quickly and cheaply, combining scientific method with low-cost digital marketing tools to measure customer behaviour and bust/confirm our assumptions”.

– RACV Innovation team member