Rapid Experimentation Sprint Workshop 

Fully immerse yourself in Pretotyping at this two-week intensive, designed for those who want to put Pretotyping to work in a major way and for maximum gains.

You’ll come out of this workshop an experienced Pretotyper with a toolbox full of useful experimentation methods and tactics. We’ll show you how to plan and implement Pretotyping methods to assess a variety of products and ideas, learning how to apply Pretotyping techniques suited to different project types, sizes and stages.

Participants will be invited to bring live product ideas to test within the workshop environment


One- or Two-week intensive.


Innovators, ideators and product developers.

Recommended workshop size

Up to 5 people.

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By focusing our experiments on getting data, not opinions - from customers we use early validation / failure to eliminate poor investments.

What you’ll learn

Companies often use our Rapid Experimentation Sprint Workshop as a testing environment for live ideas. Our hands-on approach will not only teach your team to validate and invalidate a diverse range of ideas, it will also help strengthen your product pipeline and your customer knowledge base. Your team will see in real time, how customers really behave (as opposed to how they claim they behave in, for example, a focus group setting).

The insights your team will gain from this results-driven approach to Pretotyping will foster better idea development and focus energies in the most productive and profitable directions.

Given the sensitive nature of idea development, we can work with you on-site as required.

Good to know

This collaborative and experimental workshop program will see your business innovators working alongside the Exponential Innovation team. As your team runs a variety of structured experiments, we’ll be there to provide support and guidance – you’ll learn about your products and processes while you learn more about pretotyping.

This is how we understand the innovation activity across the business by business area, strategy or initiative.

Pretotyper Idea Experiment Manager.png

Pretotyper Experiment Manager

Capture prioritized ideas

Create and manage the Lean Canvas

Design the Pretotype and experiments

Track experiment results over time

Prioritise ideas based on valid/invalid experiments

Track and report on idea and experiment velocity

What we can offer that no one else can

> See our work with RACV

As with all our workshops, our Rapid Experimentation Sprint will give participants plenty of hands-on experience. While we’ll dive deep into the principles and thinking behind pretotyping, participants will have plenty of opportunities to test these concepts first-hand, guided by Australia’s leading pretotyping experts. Our techniques come direct from Google and Stanford University – direct from the best in the world.