Proven strategies for collecting your own market research, how to formulate a market engagement hypothesis, and why “pretotyping” tools are key to gauging if there is a viable market for your product or idea.
— Alberto Savoia, Former Director of Engineering and Innovation Agitator at Google

Pretotyping is used by leading companies creating the future, start-ups with big plans
and corporate innovators looking to make better-informed decisions.

Start your Pretotyping journey here

Discover the power of Pretotyping with an innovation industry expert. Exponentially helps Australian and international innovators build Pretotyping skills through practical, hands-on workshops. Test your own ideas in real time and learn how to make data work harder and smarter for you.


1/ Apex Innovation

Dive into Pretotyping with a two-hour taster workshop. The Apex Innovation workshop gives you a solid introduction to Pretotyping tools, techniques and tactics. This taster workshop will help improve your ability to identify the high-value products and services that are worth pursuing further.


2/ Pretotyping

Go deeper with a practical workshop. During this two-day, hands-on training, you’ll gain a good understanding of Pretotype techniques in real time. Learn how to create a tailored Pretotype plan – and then put pretotype testing to work on collecting data from real-life customers.


3/ Rapid Experimentation Sprint

Fully immerse yourself in Pretotyping at this two-week intensive, designed for those who want to take the Pretotyping ball – and run with it. Learn how to maximise your return on innovation investment across different project types, sizes and stages and test ideas using low-cost, high-speed customer data.


When failure is always an option, Pretotyping can make all the difference


In the world of innovation, no-one is immune from failure – we’ve all done it. And we’re all in good company: 80 per cent of new products fail, including products developed by the world’s most successful innovators.

Pretotyping tools allow you to test your ideas earlier, before you’ve invested in costly prototyping and market research. Your ideas will be validated by customer’s actual behaviour – not by their paid-for opinions.


Fail early, fail safe

Pretotyping tools help you separate the good ideas from the bad before any real damage is done. With pretotyping you can:

  • test multiple ideas at scale, delivering measurable and comparable product data

  • identify bad ideas early, saving time, money and resources

  • make good ideas better, potentially driving increased return on investment

  • base decisions on what customers actually do – not what they say you they’ll do.


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