Rapid Experimentation
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The Law of Market Failure

Failure bites. Bite back! Know your enemy. To fight failure and win, you need to first understand why most failures happen. In this video, I will introduce the Law of Market failure and explain the key reasons why most new ideas fail.


Why it's a bad idea to invest in good ideas

Every inventor, innovator, entrepreneur believes that their idea is a "good idea". And yet, most new products, services, and companies fail in the market. What's going on? In this video, you'll learn why it's a bad idea to invest in good ideas.


YODA beats OPD

You need DATA not OPINIONS to decide whether or not to invest in a new business or product idea. But not all data is created equal. In this video, I will teach you that when it comes to market research, there are two types of data: OPD and YODA.


An Introduction to Pretotyping: The Palm Pilot Examples

In this video, I introduce you to the concept and practice of pretotyping using one of my (and my students') favorite example: The Palm Pilot PDA. In a previous video, I told you why it's critical to validate your ideas using YODA (Your Own DAta).


An Introduction to Pretotyping Part II—Smart Beans

In this video, I continue my introduction to pretotyping with another one of my favorite examples: The Pinocchio pretotype for smart speakers. How can you use some pinto beans to pretotype a smart speaker? Watch and learn! If you like these videos, please subscribe to my channel and you will never miss one.

Skin In the Game. Why and how entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators should get some skin in the game from the market before putting too much of their own skin at risk. If you already have my book, I write about Skin In the Game and the Skin In the Game Caliper in chapter 6 (p.

Skin In the Game for Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Innovators.

Using an actual skin caliper as a visual aid, I explain how to assign skin in the game points to market data.

Skin in The Game Part II: How to use the Skin In the Game Caliper

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar

Alberto Savoia Innovation Agitator Emeritus, Google March 6, 2019 As Google's first engineering director, Alberto Savoia led the team that launched Google's revolutionary AdWords project. After founding two startups, he returned to Google in 2008 and he assumed the role of "Innovation Agitator," developing trainings and workshops to catalyze smart, impactful creation within the company.